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Floral Coolers

Floral Coolers


To maximize the shelf life of fresh-cut flowers, you need to provide them with the right conditions to survive. Temperatures around 35 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal, and relative humidity should be around 90 percent. Unlike regular refrigerators, these units are specifically designed to create these conditions while also providing an attractive display.

Why You Need Flower Coolers

Besides being kept cool, fresh cut flowers also must be kept in a humid environment to prevent drying out. While humidity in most refrigeration devices can drop below 10 percent if the door isn’t opened frequently, the humidity in a flower refrigerator is typically set around 80 to 95 percent to keep flowers fresh.

Keep the cut flowers in flower coolers that are guaranteed to prolong the shelf life of your flower shop’s freshly cut flowers by around 75 percent, which means more profits for your business.