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Authorized Parts Distributor
One of the only True, Beverage Air, and Victory authorized parts distributors in the country
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Always in Stock
Most commonly used parts are guaranteed in stock for immediate delivery
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Fast Delivery
All in stock items ship
same day up to 4pm
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Better Price
Better pricing than you can get dealing directly with manufacturers
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Warranty Parts
Work directly with manufacturers to provide you with warranty replacement parts
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Original Equipment
Original equipment replacement parts from True, Beverage Air, and Victory
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Anywhere in US
No borders to where we are
able to ship products
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Scratch n’ Dent
Constantly changing inventory of used and damaged equipment at reduced prices


for the largest selection of refrigeration parts

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Refrigeration Depot is a factory authorized parts store for True Manufacturing, Beverage Air, and Victory commercial refrigeration equipment and we are proud to be the Greater Cleveland Area's only distributor.

We maintain stock of True, Bev Air, and Victory OEM repair and replacement parts for all models of commercial coolers, refrigerators, food prep tables and deli cases. We are committed to giving you the absolute highest quality parts and the best service around.

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